notation concerning specific commercial transactions

Sales company Tryptor
Responsible person Nakamura Nagara
Location 150-0001 Tokyo Meiji Jingumae Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 6-10-9 Harajuku Dotomo 4th Floor
Payment method Payment will be made using external service (settlement with Coiney skin)
Price price for each item display
How to deliver the product Please come to the designated place by the customer and provide it locally through the implementation of our staff
In accordance with our designated transportation parse for defective products, if the service provider side can not provide the service for any reason, if there is a doubt that a cause attributable to our responsibility regarding service provision occurred, we will investigate the facts promptly I will refund some or all of it after I do it. As a matter of principle, we can not accept returns / exchanges due to customer's convenience.
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