Best Night course

Best Night course
Number of people:1person
Time required:3hour
Total cost:JPY100,000
※ Because expenses include food and beverage at all spots, entrance fee, and cost for one guide, you can use it with confidence.
Pick up to meeting place
The guide will pick you up to the designated meeting place. Please request start time.
King game with Girls Bar
If you win the game you can feel delicious now The popular "King game" will definitely be exciting! It is advisable to go with a friendly group!
Sexy pub experience
Have a happy drink with a sexy girl, or enjoy sexy service with enchanted darkness time!
Please enjoy until time
The girls will return home after spending time at their accommodation. As we set the amount included in the hotel dispatch fee, you can enjoy it with confidence.
Request form
When you submit the form, you will receive an email with the reservation details.
Request Warnings
  • Requests do not book immediately.
  • If the guide is inconvenient, or if there is a previous appointment, you may cancel the request.
  • After requesting the necessary information on the request, arranging guides and shops, the reservation is completed, and the staff will contact you again.
  • For cancellation after reservation, please read the cancellation policy.